History of the Aigen farmDates and owners

1402 first documented mention as "farm at Aigen" in the records of the Salzburg Cathedral Chapter.

1516 Jacob Kaserer becomes owner of the farm Aigen by barter with the Cathedral Chapter.

1601/02 descendants of Kaserer sell the farm to the pharmacist Heinrich Merodi.

1614 Merodi sells the farm and this passes into aristocratic possession for the first time. The new master of Aigen is Levin von Mortaigne.

1647 The Aigen is handed down to the Barons of Prank, Lords of the Seeburg.

1673 Friedrich Gottlieb Baron of Prank sells seat and land Aigen to Johann Josef Count von Kuenburg, high princely Salzburg Treasurer and cousin of the reigning Archbishop Max Gandolf, Count von Kuenburg.

1727 from the Kuenburg Fideikommiss Max Josef Graf von Kuenburg sells the Aigen property to his secretary Franz Josef Waldherr. Waldherr’s heirs are his brothers, who cannot cope with the adhering burden of debt. Thus Aigen slowly goes to seed.

1760 sold to the County Chancellor and War Councillor Johann Ernst von Antrettern, whose family is friendly with the Mozart family.

1775 sale of the aristocratic Aigen farm to the Court Councillor Basil von Amman.

1788 sale to the Salzburg Crown Marshal Hieronymus Graf von Lodron.

1804 sale to Prince Ernst zu Schwarzenberg, Canon to Salzburg and Passau, later Canon to Gran, Archdeacon to Schossberg, and from 1818 Bishop of Raab.

1817 the Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria writes: "You are unique, fair Aigen! Nowhere can compare in the entire world."

1822 Prince Joseph zu Schwarzenberg, Duke of Krumlov and brother of the late Bishop 1821 Prince Ernst zu Schwarzenberg acquires the estate during an auction. This is the beginning of inherited transfer of the property without further sales. The owners are as follows:

1833 Prince Johann Adolf zu Schwarzenberg

1888 Prince Josef Adolf zu Schwarzenberg

1914 Prince Johann Nepomuk zu Schwarzenberg

1921 Ida Princess zu Schwarzenberg (married to Count Revertera-Salandra)

1941 Franz Karl Count Revertera-Salandra

1984 Landolf Count Revertera-Salandra

2012 Anton Count Revertera-Salandra

The Gasthof Schloss Aigen is located in a historic 19th century farm building.

1678 On 14th November 1678 the establishment "of a guest or public house by all owners and successors” is permitted by decree by the Prince Archbishop Max Gandolf Graf von Kuenburg.

1982, the Gasthof is taken over by Nicholas Altenburg and redesigned.

In 1991, Hermann Forstner is involved as a partner of Nicholas Altenburg, "beef tradition" being the new slogan.

In 1998, Nicholas Altenburg goes into well-earned retirement. The Forstner family goes on to run the inn.

In 2012, the Berger family takes over the Gasthof Schloss Aigen in October.

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